Technovations-TRYST 2018, IIT-Delhi

We are pleased to inform you that we are back with the prestigious Annual Technical Festival of IIT - Delhi, TRYST 2018 for the young, budding and curious school students who are full of imagination and new ideas. "Technovations" is a platform of expression for the students to blend their wildest of imaginations with technology, the technology of the present and future.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

-Albert Einstein

It is a unique opportunity for the:
  • Students to pen down their future in the way they imagine it and present the same to a panel of esteemed judges/ professors/ scientists/ science communicators from IIT and other institutions of repute.
  • Schools to initiate a long and enduring partnership with Tryst 2018.

Objective of the competition is to motivate young budding students to blend their imagination with technology, the technology of the present and future.

Venue: IIT - Delhi Participation Fee: None
Participants: Schools from Delhi and NCR. Classes/ Grade: IX to XII
No. of participants per school:

An individual student or a team comprising of upto two students

Online School Registration on first cum serve basis at:
Registration Dates:
5th Dec 2017 to 20th Dec 2017. Each school will be provided with a unique Registration Number after registration via email.
Prelim. Round-

Abstract Submission (Online): Submission Dates - 21st Dec 2017 to 20th Jan 2018

Final Round-

On Stage Power Point Presentation (PPT) of 5 minutes PPT Dates- 24th Feb 2018 or 25th Feb 2018 at IIT, Delhi

The list of shortlisted schools/ students for the final PPT round will be announced by 31st Jan 2018

There are Prizes, Certificates and Vouchers for: Students:
  • Certificate of Merit for top 12 positions holders.
  • Certificate of Participation to each *participant who presents their PowerPoint Presentation in front of the panel of esteemed judges.
  • Other goodies will also be given to the top 12 position holders.
*In case a team of two students participate in the competition; both the students will get the Certificate of merit / participation however, only one of the students from the team will be allowed to give the presentation in front of the judges.
Coordinators / Teachers/ Mentors
  • Certificate of Appreciation to each Coordinator/Teacher/ Mentor whose students come in top 50.
  • Certificate of Association with IIT Delhi Tryst'18 to each school whose student participates in the final round i.e. PowerPoint Presentation (PPT).
  • Planetarium vouchers worth @ Rs 50,000/- to each of the three schools whose student/ team are among the top three position holders. The voucher is for one-day free exhibition of mobile planetarium shows in their respective schools in the academic year 2018-19.
Thanks for your time and consideration. We look forward to an enduring partnership with your esteemed school.

Best Regards

Kushal Sogani

General Secretary

Co-Curricular and Academic


Interaction Council (CAIC) IIT Delhi.

Encls: Event Details

Vikas Nautiyal

Founder and Director

Leo Planetaria Astronomy

Event Details

Topics Prescribed for the ABSTRACT Writing:
  • 1. Artificial Intelligence
  • 2. Smart Cities for the disabled
  • 3. Block chain Technology
  • 4. Socio- Economic Development Scenario
  • 5. Futuristic space settlement
  • 6. Biomedical Innovation

A student / team can choose any one of the above topics.

Judgment Criteria:
  • 1. Originality - 30%
  • 2. Understanding - 10%
  • 3. Practicality - 15%
  • 4. Technical aspect - 20%
  • 5. Presentation skills + proper indentation - 15%
  • 6. Scope of work - 10%

1. The ABSTRACT should be of 200 to 300 words. The diagrams, if any, are not included in the word count.

2. Students may seek the help of teachers, parents and internet for research but they should write the ABSTRACT in their own words.

3. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Any plagiarism will lead to automatic disqualification.

4. Schools will be asked to choose a topic from the above mentioned list at the time of Online Registration. However it is not compulsory to mention at that time and if mentioned can be changed at the time of submission.

5. Abstracts are to be submitted online, by clicking on the link mentioned in the registration confirmation email/message sent to the school.

6. The abstract should be either in PDF or Word format. Any other format shall not be accepted.

7. The size of the file should not be more than 10 MB.

8. Each school will be provided with a unique registration number after online registration via email/WhatsApp or message. In case of non receipt of the registration number, kindly contact the help desk.

9. If the school is unable to submit the abstract online, the abstract can be emailed on the email id: with all the details asked for in the online submission form.

10. The file name should essentially be in the format of – School's name_locality_Student's_Name_Roll No

11. The PDF or Word document should have the following at the top/ beginning:

  • a. Registration Number
  • b. Name of the school
  • c. Address of the school
  • d. Coordinator/ Teacher/ Mentor name
  • e. Topic Chosen from the prescribed topics
  • f. Title of the Abstract
  • g. Student(s) Name
  • h. Student(s) Class, Section and Roll No.

11. Particular time slot of 5 minutes on 24th Feb 2018 to 25th Feb 2018 at IIT, Delhi for the On Stage PowerPoint Presentation to the shortlisted students will be announced latest by 31st Jan 2018.

13. The panel of esteemed professors, experts, academician and school Principals will judge the final round.

14. If a team of two students have participated from a school, the PowerPoint Presentation will be given by any one of the two students. However certifications will be provided to both the students.

15. The student(s) can bring Model or Project supporting their idea. (Optional).

16. There will be one coordinator/ teacher/ mentor per participating school.

17. The coordinator/ teacher/ mentor of the selected student(s) have to accompany its student(s) to the IIT, Delhi for the Power Point Presentation.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Copying material and changing a few words is also plagiarism. Students may use other people's ideas, but not other people's writing. They may use images from the web but with due mention/ credit to the source. One should also add a bibliography.

The abstracts received will be screened and evaluated by the Tryst'18 Team comprising of IIT - Delhi students. Online automated plagiarism checker software will be used for screening. Results will be declared by 31st Jan 2018. The same will be informed via email/message – SMS/ Whatsapp to the participating schools. The list of shortlisted schools/ students will also be displayed on the facebook page of Leo Planetaria and websites of

Sanyam - 9811736263

Events Coordinator, Tryst 2018

Co-Curricular and Academic

Interaction Council, IIT Delhi

Help Desk (Leo Planetaria)

Ramanpreet Kaur Sethi - 9811889298

Pankaj Sharma - 9810586990

Dhiraj Sharma - 8851407942

Jagjit Singh - 9811889416