Class room based Test
Each planetarium show has a support book. The book has been designed judiciously to enhance the learning outcome of the full dome shows. The books not only cover the content of the planetarium shows but also a whole lot more. The learning outcome of each planetarium show and its support show book is gauged through a class room based test. The tests are inherent part of the concept of Planetarium EducationTM.
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Class Book - 1 Book - 2 Book - 3 Book - 4
LKG Sky Pictures N Sky Stories #01 Sky Stories #02 Color The Sky Pictures N
UKG Sky Pictures S Sky Stories #03 Sky Stories #04 Color The Sky Pictures S
1 Sky Pictures Zodiac Puppy On The Moon Mushak, The Fishermouse Dhruva Tara
2 Two Starry Brothers Princess Andromeda Chandamama Shapes Farmers Moon
3 Star Hopping Chandamama Dancing Seasons Of Time Flying Among The Stars
4 Constellations Finding Dhruv Tara Sun's Family Lie Back Look Up (Spring)
5 Solar System Weird Moons Lie Back Look Up (Summer) Lie Back Look Up (Winter)
6 Journey To The Wonderlands The Unlucky Ones Galileo's Sky Lie Back Look Up (Autumn)
7 Harbingers Of Doom Two Small Pieces of Glass Sizing Up Space Angles In The Sky
8 Deep Sky Dancing Light From Earth To The Heavens Above Celestial Gymnastics # 01
9 Celestial Gymnastic # 02 Our Nearest Neighbour The Edge Of The Solar System Water And Life In The Universe
10 Rainbow We are but Star Dust Alien Planets Marathon In The Night Sky