Free Teachers Workshop
We conduct free Teachers Training Workshops on regular basis across India in association with schools and teachers training institutes.
The objective of the workshops are :
  • to learn identifications of bright stars, constellations, and deep sky objects in the night sky irrespective of the observers location, date and time.
  • to demonstrate pedagogical efficiency of a DigiskyTM full dome digital mobile planetarium as a teaching aid – K12.
  • to conduct an opinion poll about utility of planetarium education in schools.
  • to gauge the astronomy literacy level of schools (Astronomy Literacy Test for your school).
More than 1,000 teachers from more than 1,000 pvt. and govt. schools affiliated to state, central and foreign boards from across India have participated in our workshops. In the academic year 2014-15. The workshops have been hosted by schools like are DPS – Bangalore North, Chitkara International School – Chandigarh, Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram – Chennai, Kenriya Vidyalaya, Delhi Cantt. – Delhi, Hemsheela Model School – Durgapur, Meridian School – Hyderabad; Baker Vidyapeeth – Kottayam; Pawar Public School – Mumbai, RS Convent School – Varanasi.
The participants learn positional astronomy in terms of stars’ brightness, colour, patterns, hopping and altitude and azimuth and clock coordinate systems. At the workshop participants shall be able to identify bright stars including the most famous star the Pole Star, conspicuous constellations and planets in real sky real time. The participants shall also able to communicate the identification tips to their students and thus connect them with the night sky.
The duration of the planetarium workshop is of about one hour. It is conducted inside the mobile planetarium. Planetarium paraphernalia and resource persons travel to and fro, Delhi – host school, lodging and boarding and other operations charges are to be borne by the host school. The host school has to also invite teachers from other nearby schools for the workshop.
Infrastructure requirement for the workshop from a host school are:
  • A minimum indoor space of clear floor area of 20 feet x 20 feet and a clear ceiling height of 10 feet to install the planetarium.
  • Uninterrupted surge free electricity supply (automatic generator back up of 2 kvs).
  • For hot and sultry weather the indoor space has to be air conditioned.
  • Manpower for material movement.
Schools/ teachers training institutes that are interested to host the workshop and invite schools of nearby area to participate in the workshop can write to us for the Modus Operandi at or call at 09811275851.