Planetarium Projection System
All DigiskyTM planetarium projection systems available for sale or rental/ hire are a single fish-eye lens based full dome digital planetarium projection systems. A DigiskyTM system can be used with mobile as well as fixed domes of various sizes. It has a small foot print and is to be placed at the centre of a dome. Keeping in mind that the software technology evolves at a much faster pace, the system has modular design and thus easy to maintain and upgrade especially in the Indian context. The standard model that we offer is compatible for portable as well as fixed domes of sizes up to 7 meter diameter. Customised models for small as well as large domes up to 15 metre dome dia. are also available.
  • A DigiskyTM Planetarium System is a full featured full dome / sky digital planetarium system.
  • The standard model being offered is suitable for small portable or mobile or pack-able planetariums of domes of sizes up to 7 meter dia. as well as fixed domes of sizes up to 7 meter dia.
  • A DigiskyTM Planetarium System creates an immersive environment with a realistic digital sky in 3D, just like what one sees with naked eye or a telescope.
  • The system consists of a high end Digital Projector mated with a premium full dome Fish-eye Lens.
  • It is centrally controlled by a high performance graphics based input computer server.
  • The server is embedded with real time render planetarium sky simulation software that has integrated multimedia features.
  • The Server's operating system - OS is Linux but all traces of the OS are hidden from the user.
  • The server is also embedded with an extensive planetarium library of Video Clips, Real Time Render Clips, 3D Models'Clips, Images, Panoramas, and Music that are compatible for dome projection and can be projected as and when required by the user.
  • A pack of free shows along with paid shows as per your purchase are also embedded in the server.
  • The multimedia and the real time render software can be played simultaneously or separately of each other.
  • DigiskyTM is easy to operate and has some very basic multimedia plug and play functions like play, pause, resume, stop, forward, rewind and sound control.
  • The Planetarium Dome act as a screen itself and the server is operated through an interface that is a cordless, hand held and back-lit keyboard cum remote.
  • The keyboard cum remote has customized key functions as per the real time render planetarium sky software like go to, time rate, labels, astro-navigation, grids display etc and integrated multimedia featureslike play, pause, forward, rewind, volume control, etc.
  • For advance use the server is operated through tablet that has a browser and cross platform based comprehensive multimedia functionality for content management, astro-navigation and display and a whole lot more.
  • The server has professional grade audio output 5.1 sound card.
  • The system is truly modular thus simple to upgrade, convenient to use and easy to maintain indigenously.
  • The optics, data storage capacity, graphic display card, user interface of cordless back-lit key board cum remote and tablet and the projector can be upgraded, replaced / serviced independently of each other thus making its operations, maintenance and up-gradation cost effective.
  • The server software can be upgraded for various features through computer CD provided by us from time to time or via internet.
  • The server for up gradation/ trouble shooting, if required can also be remotely accessed by us.
  • Web based technical support and all future software updates available till the life of system.
  • The system comes in two separate transit cases one for the projector and the other for the server.
  • Custom made DigiskyTM systems to suit your particular requirement of resolution, contrast, angle of projection, software features, etc are also available.
Specifications : Standard DigiskyTM planetarium system model
Angle Of Projection up to 175 degree
Resolution 1080 (full circle on the dome) No part of the sky/ dome missing
Dome Resolution ~0.92 Mega Pixel
Base Brightness 4,000 Lumens
Contrast Ratio 12,000:1
Lamp Life up to 5,000 hours (Eco Mode)
Projector Technology DLP
Sound Support Up to 5.1 Surround Channel
Dome Diameter Up to 7 meters mobile or fixed
Terms and conditions :

Delivery period: Up to 8 weeks.

Warranty: 2 years, extended warranty at an extra cost is also available.

Shelf Life: 5 years

Packaging: The standard model comes in one or two separate robust, wooden and wheeled transit boxes/ cases.

Take Down Time: The system or its part(s) will be made operational or provided with an alternate system / part within 15 working days. The system or its part(s) will be restored to the original configuration within 30 working days.

Photos / Images, specifications of the various items are subject to change without any prior notice.
Difference between DigiskyTM Full Dome Planetarium and Mirror Dome Planetarium:
DigiskyTM Full Dome Planetarium Mirror Dome Planetarium
Creates full sky, no part of the sky is truncated/ missing i.e. N/S/E/W directions and the entire sky above the horizon thus making it the most effective model of the sky or teaching aid for astronomy. Both the planetariums i.e. full dome and mirror dome use a hemispherical surface (dome) for projecting their content. However, part of the sky is truncated/ missing in a mirror dome planetarium (sic) thus defeating the very purpose of a planetarium as an effective teaching aid of astronomy.
In other words Full Dome means Full Sky. In other words Mirror Dome means Truncated Sky.
Following Motions and Grids that are prerequisite/ fundamental to understand or teach astronomy are demonstrated in the best possible way on a full dome through up to the mark sky simulation software. Diurnal, Annual, Retrograde, Precessional, Proper Motion of Stars, Ecliptic, Meridian, Celestial Equator, Circumpolar Stars, Tropic Lines, Alt/ Az Grid, Universal Grid, Galactic Grid, and Analemma. Since the sky is truncated and moreover no up to the mark sky simulation software is available for mirror dome, the prerequisite/ fundamental to understand astronomy cannot be demonstrated in the best possible way.
A full dome planetarium simplifies the complexity of the positional astronomy and various motions thus enabling students to grasp even complex astronomical concepts at an early stage and that too from altogether a different perspective. Not possible in mirror dome.
Primarily plays astronomy content that is exclusive/ applicable/ relevant to the model of the sky/ full dome and which otherwise is of almost no use when played on a flat screen. Primarily plays content that is for flat screen but is novel when played on a truncated dome i.e. unidirectional
It creates full immersive environment. It creates partial immersive environment that obviously is unidirectional.
Truly liberates the teaching fraternity from the practical and intrinsic limitations of star gazing. It is meant for Planetarium EducationTM. Truly speaking it is not a planetarium and primarily plays non astronomy content on novelty basis. It is not meant for Planetarium EducationTM.