Planetarium Software
Most of our software that we use for projection and production are based on open sources and the Real Time Render Planetarium Sky simulation software (RTRPSSS) is no exception. It is a vendor specific stellarium. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It has epoch corrections and can show the positions of the celestial objects accurately for past and future by +- 1,00,000 years. We have added many features to the software like Hindu sky culture and symbols, Indian regional languages, user friendly functionalities, Indian panoramas, user friendly key customizations. The vendor specific stellarium has integrated multimedia with it. The software is embedded in the input server of the DigiskyTM planetarium projection system and is compatible with the Linux - operating system. All traces however, of the OS are hidden from the user and it is a plug and play system. The images/ videos/ panoramas/ fonts/ grids/ colours used in the vendor specific stellarium are compatibility with the DigiskyTM planetarium projection system. We provide all future up-grades of the software and its multimedia features through CD or internet, free till the life of the system.
Main Features Of RTRPSSS
Full Suite of Celestial Motions:
The software demonstrates Diurnal (rise and set), Annual (Sun in zodiac), Synodic (Moon month), Retrograde (Example - mars retrograde motion), Precessional (wobbling of the Pole Star) and Proper Motions (Motion of Stars) of astronomy.
Full suite of solar system bodies and their orbits:
The software displays 8 planets and their hundreds of moons, all dwarf planets and their moons, comets, asteroids, artificial satellites, space missions and the Sun along with their orbits and trails.
The software displays at least 210 million stars from various star catalogues like Hipparchus, NGC etc with provision to create star fields with different apparent brightness values. The stars are shows as per their colours.
Deep Sky Objects/ Nebula:
The software exhibits hundreds of deep sky objects like galaxies star clusters, supernova and other deep sky objects from Messier, NGC and other catalogues as images placed at their respective positions in the sky (celestial sphere).
Non Visual Skies:
The software also exhibits the sky in various parts of the spectrum like radio and X rays, etc.
Full Suite of Grids:
The software exhibits/ demonstrates Ecliptic, Zodiac, Meridian, Celestial Equator, Circumpolar Stars, Tropic Lines, Alt/ Az Grid, Universal Grid, Galactic grid, Analemma and Cardinal Points.
Full suite of Events and Time Zone settings:
The software demonstrates full suite of astronomical events like Eclipses (solar and lunar), Transits, Occultations, Meteors, Conjunctions, Oppositions and various atmospheric effects like Twilight, Fog, etc. and has time zone settings.
Classical and Modern Constellations:
The software depicts stick figures and art from various ancient sky cultures across the world like Hindu, Chinese, Inuit, etc. It also shows modern constellations as per IAU with boundaries and corresponding stick figures and art.
Time, field of view (FOV) and Fly By:
The software can show the motion of the heavens above in real time, forward and rewind mode and the time can also be paused. It can show the sky as 180 degree view meaning the sky that you with your eyes directly from horizon onward to zenith. It can let the user zoom in to the celestial objects/ images to give a telescopic view. One can fly by in space inside the solar system and move from body to body and even land on them.
Change of location:
The observer can change its location Latitude/ Longitude anywhere including our home planet, the Earth in the solar system and view the sky from there in desired FOV and Time-Rate. This feature is idle for a travelling observer/ astro-navigation.
Sky labels and languages:
The labels can be displayed for full suite of solar system bodies, constellations, deep sky objects, stars with common names in English language and various regional Indian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, Urdu, Malayalam, Bengali, Kashmiri, Oriya, Telugu, Marathi and Assamese. The Graphic User Interface (GUI) is also multilingual.
Script-able Engine:
The software has a powerful scriptable engine to create planetarium scenarios by adding, manipulating and changing bodies, nebulae, images, panoramas, sky cultures, video clips, sound/ music, location, time rate, fov, and many more.
Multimedia Feature:
The multimedia can be played simultaneously and exclusive of the real time render as and when desired by the user meaning that the user does not have to quit any one in order to play the other. It is the Multimedia feature of the system like play, pause, forward, rewind, change volume, etc makes the entire video and audio operations plug and play. The user friendly multimedia features provide unique opportunity to the user to even blend the videos with the real time render.
The keyboard cum remote has customized key functions as per the real time render planetarium sky software like go to, time rate, labels, astro-navigation, grids display etc and integrated multimedia features like play, pause, forward, rewind, volume control, etc. For advance use the server is operated through a user interface tablet/ PC/Laptop that has a browser and cross platform based comprehensive multimedia functionality for content management, astro-navigation and display and a whole lot more. For more features and usability User Interface
Main Multimedia Features
Videos Play, Pause, Forward, Rewind Plug and Play
USB drive access Play script, videos through USB drive
CD, DVD, External device access Play videos through CD, DVD, External device through computer server
Volume control Increase - Decrease Volume
Play Multimedia Exclusive of real time render No need to quit real time render in order to play multimedia.
Server Access Store, delete and play external scripts, videos, images, panoramas on / from the server
Codec Support AVI, MPEG, MOV, MP3, WMV, etc video formats are supported. Most image formats are supported.

Specifications wherever mentioned are subject to change without any notice. Photos/ Images of the various items may differ from actual items supplied.