Full Dome Planetarium Shows K12
Upto four planetarium shows per student per year with support books and classroom tests for each show.
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The full dome planetarium shows are applicable for schools affiliated to state, central and foreign boards. Besides, English language they are available in various regional Indian languages. They have been designed keeping in mind the Indian ethos wherever applicable and possible.Just like a student has a period for library/ PET in his time table perhaps, he can now have a period for the planetarium show also.
Salient Features of the planetarium shows offered under planetarium education:
  1. The planetarium Shows are customized class/ age wise.
  2. They are regularly updated.
  3. The planetarium shows are designed for the students from KG to Class XII (age 4 to 16 years), keeping in mind their acumen.
  4. Each new academic year a student participates in new and progressive full dome planetarium show(s) (up to 4 per academic year).
  5. These shows not only cover topics from the school curriculum but also a whole lot more that is there in the universe to discover, explore and learn.
  6. Each planetarium show has companion book (Planetarium Education Book Series).
  7. Each show is followed by a quiz based on the show and the book where students can win attractive prizes.
  8. The shows, their books and quizzes are conducive to Astronomy Olympiads and STEM i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  9. Each shows has a classroom based test that can be conducted later on by the school for evaluating the learning outcome of Planetarium Education.
  10. Each Show's duration is kept as per the attention span of the participating students.
  11. No tedious field trip required as the shows are embedded in the school time table.
  12. Supplement web support for each show for Students, Teachers and Parents is available.
"Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are"
Kids simply love to go to movie theatres. But what they don't know is that the nature also plays movies every night for each one of us to explore, learn, discover and enjoy that too on the biggest theatre of all, the night sky. Each night the sky is filled with interesting but imaginary characters made by our forefathers by joining bright stars. They are called constellations. With little imagination you will notice that the sky is filled with fascinating ancient characters like Orion, the hunters; Leo, the lion; Krittika, the seven starry sisters and a whole lot more. The night sky is a place where battles are being fought, heroines are being rescued, monsters are being hunted down and a whole lot more. As the night advances new constellations present themselves one by one for our viewing from the eastern horizon. Then there are other thrilling and action packed moments like meteor showers, visits of comets with long sleepy tails and games of shadows like eclipses. Nature has provided the best viewing seat to each one of us. Irrespective of where we are on the earth, we are always at the centre of this huge dome shaped sky theatre called the night sky.
Planetarium EducationTM - K12 is a holistic and scalable concept that connects the students with the night sky. It is based on the pedagogical efficacy of a full dome digital planetarium system as a Polar and not a Cartesian teaching aid for astronomy. It provides a solution to the inherent impediments associated with astronomy teaching and star gazing. It is companion to STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It has been designed to implement astronomy in the Indian school system K-12 through ready-made, scale-able, class appropriate, and progressive full dome (no part of the sky missing) planetarium shows developed in Indian ethos and related sky simulation scenarios produced by Leo Planetaria and various third party shows. The companion books and tests designed especially for the shows are available for print/ download from internet through forum membership. The shows can be linked to on the campus astronomy hands on activities and astronomy Olympiad. In house Planetarium EducationTM means that astronomy can be made an integral part of the school curriculum covering whatever little is prescribed by the school/ board on astronomy subject and of course a whole lot more that is there in the cosmos to explore, learn, discover and enjoy.