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All our planetarium outreach programmes (rental / hire) across India in public/ private schools are booked and executed by our associates

Orange Education Pvt. Ltd.
A unit of Saraswati Group
Corporate Address: 9, Daryaganj, New Delhi – 110002,
Phone 011-43556600; Fax 011-43556688
Branch offices at: Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Patna

1. What is a Portable (Mobile) Planetarium?
It is like a movie theatre (you can call it a sky theater if you like) however; here you project your videos on a dome (fixed or mobile) and not on a flat screen as the sky above your head is also like a dome. A Portable (mobile) digital planetarium primarily has an inflatable dome (DIGIDOME TM ), a high velocity industrial floor fan or a blower, a planetarium projector system (DIGYSKY TM) and speakers. Most of the Planetariums (Planetaria) in India are analog. Since Digital technology gives freedom to customize your content / shows it makes a digital Planetarium the most effective teaching aid to teach Astronomy and makes science learning Fun.
2. How is your planetarium different from our city’s fixed planetarium?
  • The shows are customized class wise and have been designed for students from KG (age 4 years) to class 12, keeping in mind their acumen. The idea is to give regular planetarium exposure to school students unlike your city’s fixed planetarium which is meant for general public that provides with once in a life time kind of exposure.
  • Each show is followed by a quiz where students can win attractive relevant prizes like Telescope Making Kit, Binoculars, Astro-Cds, Jigsaw Puzzles, Space Cards, Sky Maps Posters, etc.
  • Each participating student gets a show related booklet.
  • The Shows are also supported by “Planetarium Education Support” on our website which has sections on News and Events, Teacher’s Guide, Career Counselling, Competitions and more.
  • The school library gets one set of show booklets and quiz prizes.
  • The Shows help students to relate their knowledge with real sky.
3 . How much time is required to set up the mobile planetarium?
About 30 minutes.
4. What is the capacity of the Planetarium?
In our planetarium we use inflatable domes – DIGIDOME TM of sizes ranging from diameter 5 meters and Height 9.5 feet to diameter 7 meter and height 11 to 14 feet. The size of the Hall / room provided by the school decides the DIGIDOME TM size that we use. Besides even for a particular dome the capacity varies class or age wise. On average we cater to 75 students in a show. 6 shows are conducted in 6 hours (450 students) with a gap of 15 minutes between two consecutive shows.

5. What if we do not have the hall/ room of the required minimum size?

Then we do it in a tent provided the weather is fine (winters). However, then the shows will be weather dependent.

6. Is it safe?

The DIGIDOME TM is inflated with high velocity industrial floor fan (normal air that we breathe). There is no
inflammable material used in the portable planetarium.

7. What is the procedure for emergency exit?

The DIGIDOME TM has no solid floor. It is not moored to the ground with rope. Audience can exit the Digidome very quickly by lifting the base and ducking under.

8. Is it hot and stuffy inside?

The place where DIGIDOME TM has been set up determines temperature inside it. However, fans keep the air circulating continuously through the dome through multiple ventilation tunnels. On Hot and sultry weather it is better to install the Dome in an airconditioned hall / room. In case a school doesnot have the same then we may bring an Air Conditioner along with us depending upon the location of the school.

9. Is the mobile planetarium handicap accessible?
Yes. To admit a person on wheel chair, simply lift the base of the DIGIDOME TM and push the wheel chair under. One can also put few chairs inside the Digidome.
10. I think Primary students are too young for planetarium stuff?
I will share my experience. I have completed 40 odd trips around the Sun at the time of writing this FAQ. My teachers had been telling me since my early school days that the Earth was round like an orange and not flat. Yet it never prompted me to the question – Why do not we fall from the Earth? and what is up and down on the Earth? I vividly remember that when I was in class 8 (age 13 years) I saw the picture of the Earth taken from space for the first time in my life. My immediate reaction was – “why do not we fall from the Earth?” and “what is up and down on the Earth?” I am pretty sure that had I seen the same picture when I was in primary school, my thought process would have been different.

My daughter who is in class 2 has regular exposure to the planetarium (she has already asked me - Why we do not fall from our home planet? She has even pondered further on up and down concept on the Earth and the Moon). She can find planet Jupiter in Delhi’s sky now days just by comparing its brightness with other celestial objects. All she has observed in the planetarium is that planet Jupiter looks like a star with naked eye and now days it is the brightest star in the evening sky. She has also figured out that sometimes the Moon becomes fatter and fatter (waxing) and some times it goes on dieting and becomes thinner and thinner (waning). With the help of stick - figure constellations she can also easily identify pole star and some prominent constellations like Ursa Major (Spatrishi) and Orion – Thanks to her regular planetarium exposure that makes sky accessible to her to learn and explore. We, at Leo Planetaria strongly believe that Digisky is a teaching aid that caters to inquisitiveness of Twinkling stars right from KG onwards.
11. We would like to see a Demo?
If we are coming to a school / college / university / exhibition near you we would definitely invite you for a live Demo but this may take time. You are most welcome to come down to our Delhi office for a demo, just inform us in advance. Call 09811275851 for a demo. Meanwhile you may go through the Clip.
12. We conducted your shows last academic year. Will you offer new shows this year?
Yes! We not only introduce new shows every year, we also upgrade our existing shows and their booklets on regular basis. Further even the quiz prizes and material for the school library is customized according to the shows that we offer.
13. Do you provide Circulars / Consent slips for Parents for short listing of the students for the shows.
Yes! We provide up to 3,000 circulars/ consent slip for parents for short listing of students for the shows and up to 6 Posters for display in the school.
14. What things are to be arranged by the school?
Carpets, if required to cover the floor area; A public address system (a mike, a speaker and an amplifier - at least 80 watts); and an uninterrupted surge free power supply (Generator 2 KVA).
15. We want to buy a Planetarium for our school.
Contact:- Mr. Vikas Nautiyal +91-9811275851.
To ensure that the experience is top class we deploy the best portable planetarium projectors. The sophisticated mechanism ensures that the picture quality is great and students do not miss a thing. The Digital Planetarium Projector provides the best quality so that children develop and maintain an interest in the field of astronomy.