Paid/ Free Shows
Paid Shows
Planetarium educators (Planetarians) typically teach thousands of K-12 students each year. Frequently they serve as resource master, astronomy teachers and trainers for teachers. They see students at varying grade levels throughout their school careers. Planetarium educators have a unique perspective regarding the astronomy concepts appropriate for K-12 students and the sequence in which these concepts should be taught. Our team of planetarians and science communicators design and produce full dome planetarium shows keeping in mind the acumen and Indian ethos of the audience which can range from schools K12, colleges to general public.

Besides, English language our shows are available in various Indian regional languages. We upgrade our shows and also introduce new shows on regular basis. We provide up to four full dome shows per class for schools (K12). The shows are also supported by books and class room based tests. Our shows cover topics that are best suitable/ explained on a polar (dome) rather than a flat or Cartesian surface like a black board or computer monitor.

The shows connect students to the night sky by digitally simulating sky scenarios. The duration of each show ranging from 15 min. to 40 min. is in accordance with the attention span of age of the audiences and the topic being taught. The shows covers whatever little is prescribed by the school board on astronomy subject and a whole lot more that is there in the universe to explore, learn and discover...

These shows have been designed exclusively for school students (class wise homogeneous audience) and are progressive in nature. The shows improve the astronomy literacy level of the students and inculcate scientific temper among them. They also motivate students to pursue science as a career. The shows can easily be linked to various in the school campus hands on astronomy activities and star gazing camps for students. The shows companion to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education are also supported by Forum Membership.

Some of these shows however, are also applicable for general public, college students and some of them can also be exhibited as family shows. Some third party shows that blend with our progressive shows have also been included in the SHOWS FLYER.
Free Shows
Many full dome shows (duration 15 min. onward) and clips (duration up to 15 min.) produced by us and various third parties are also available for free and can be exhibited in our full dome DigiskyTM full dome planetarium systems. The purchaser / exhibitor may have to sign a license agreement for these free shows with the original show developer (copy right holder). All codex/ formatting support, if required shall be provided by us. Free shows and have been included in SHOWS FLYER. The clips however, are part of the extensive library and not included in the flyer.