Rental Overview
We ourselves and through our network offers planetarium outreach programs across:
  • India
  • Nepal (Izma Media and Management Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Middle East countries (Al Nejoum Al Sathaa Management Consultancy)
Image Courtesy by Orange Planetarium
The outreach programmes are executed directly by us or our network. The planetarium outreach is primarily applicable for schools K-12. Besides English language, the outreach is available in various Indian languages. The planetarium outreach is also available for Colleges/ Universities, General Public and Military. We are the largest Planetarium Outreach company in India.
Image Courtesy -Ilmuwan Muda - Jakarta, Indonesia
Image Courtesy Al- Nejoum Al Sathaa - Dubai
Planetarium Education Deliverables:
  • Upto 4 class wise progressive Shows in English and Regional Languages for each student in each class (Kindergarten to 12).
  • Companion Show Book with each show.
  • Quiz and prizes after each show.
  • Class Room Test based on each show and its companion book.
  • Web Downloadable monthly Moon calendars and sky maps.
  • Free Participation in Science competition of Tryst, annual technical festival of IIT - Delhi.
Modus Operandi for the planetarium outreach (school K12).
  • Students from class KG and up to class 12 are eligible to participate in a show or shows that have been designed keeping in mind their acumen.
  • Average duration of each show is 30 minutes (for KG it is 20 minutes).
  • Download Parent Circular and Booking Form for school.
Image Courtesy by Nomad Planetarium
Image Courtesy by Orange Planetarium
  • There has to be a minimum time gap of 15 minutes between two consecutive shows.
  • The participating students will attend the shows in batches on turn wise basis.
  • In 6 hours of school working, at least 6 shows can be conducted.
  • The morning assembly and lunch time of some of the participating students are to be modified accordingly.
  • Seating capacity in a mobile planetarium dome depends upon.
    • The dome size being used which further depends on the size of the venue provided by the school (bigger the venue better it is).
    • Age group of the participants.
    • We cater to on average 65 K12 students in a show.
  • Students of the next batch should be present outside the planetarium dome 15 minutes before the start time of their show.
  • Two teachers for KG with one maid and one teacher for classes 1 to 12 have to be present in their respective shows.
  • Students from different classes or sections may be preferably clubbed together for a show.
Image Courtesy - Izma Media - NEPAL
A typical itinerary for 6 shows looks like following:
Show No. Time
1. 08:15 - 09:05
2. 09:10 - 10:00
3. 10:05 - 10:55
4. 11:00 - 11:50
5. 11:55 - 12:45
6. 12:50 - 01:40
Mr. Salman Khurshid, Fr. Member DPS Society at our Outreach
Fee (For India):
Fee per student for a show is Rs 220/-
All taxes, extra as applicable.
The fee includes:
  • Participation in an age appropriate show in the Digisky mobile planetarium installed at his school.
  • A support Book.
  • A chance to win a prize in a planetarium quiz conducted after the show.
  • Evaluation through a classroom based test on the show and its support book.
  • The planetarium has to be installed indoors in a room, multi-purpose hall, auditorium, etc. The venue preferably should be semi dark. Installation time is 30 minutes.
  • The mobile planetarium needs a minimum clear space of 22 feet X 22 feet and a clear height of 10 feet preferable space is 28 feet X 28 feet and a clear height of 11 feet.
  • In case the venue is not available with the school, the dome may be installed in the courtyard but then the programme will be weather dependent.
  • Electricity connection within 5 meters from the planetarium dome has to be made available.
  • The school electrician has to be present at the time of the planetarium installation.
  • The participants in a mobile planetarium, the world over are seated on the floor.
  • Carpets to cover a floor area 28 feet X 28 feet are to be provided by the school.
  • For hot and sultry weather the planetarium has to be installed in an air conditioned environment/ room/ hall.
  • A team of up to 4 people from our side along with paraphernalia will reach your city one day before the date of the shows.
  • The planetarium needs uninterrupted surge free electricity supply of 2 KVA. The same has to be provided by the school.
  • The date of the shows has to be booked with us at least 15 (working) days in advance.
U. R. Rao, Chairman ISRO at our Outreach Programme
Mr. Vineet Joshi, Fr. Chairman CBSE Inaugrating Orange Planetarium