Mobile Planetarium Domes
DigidomeTM are for Mobile Planetariums or Portable Planetariums. These portable planetarium domes are made from high tensile strength fabric. They are opaque, lightweight and wrinkle free. They are made from multi-layered fabric that is suitable for full dome (no part of the sky missing) digital planetarium projection. These Mobile planetarium domes are for indoor use. They are non squeeze and non crawl domes. The entry and exit is through a vertical 6 feet zipper entry system. The inner projection surface of the Digidome is of grey colour which is conducive to the night sky projection (contrast). They are available in three different standard sizes of dia. 5 meters, 6 meters and 7 meters. Besides, domes that are custom made to suite your particular lower ceiling height can also be supplied. The mobile planetarium dome comes with a robust carrying bag and a heavy duty high velocity industrial floor fan cum blower.
  • These mobile planetarium domes are inflated with a robust high velocity industrial floor fan cum blower whose speed can be regulated from inside the dome by the user as and when required.
  • The fan not only inflates these portable planetarium domes but also continuously circulates fresh air inside it through multiple air outlet horizontal tunnels. Each outlet tunnel at the end has a zipper to control the inflation and deflation time of the dome. It helps in minimizing the time gap between two consecutive shows.
  • The dome's entry/ exit has a vertical 6 feet walk-in Three-Zipper System. The two extra zippers can be used as a back-up as and when required. It requires one person to inflate a DigidomeTM and inflation time is up to 10 minutes.
  • These portable planetarium domes do not deflate/ sag even if the entry/ exit is open for an infinite time which is critical as it helps in minimizing the time gap between two consecutive shows as one can make entry/ exit of the audience in one go.
  • DigidomeTM up-to 7 meters diameter weights <= 25 kg. The light weight of the mobile portable planetarium domes is critical as it is conducive to packing/ unpacking and transportation
  • These Mobile Planetarium Domes are not moored/ attached to the ground. For emergency exit simply lift the dome base/ skirt and exit quickly by ducking under.
  • Each DigidomeTM consists of two separable layers, the inner projection layer and the outer shell layer. The outer layer simply rests on the inner projection layer. Each Digidome portable planetarium dome is provided with an extra stand by inner projection layer that can be used as and when required.
  • As the outer layer rests on the inner layer it takes care of potential pinhole related problems. For better ventilation the outer layer has multiple vertical air outlet tunnels. The hot air trapped on the top of the dome gets released through these vertical tunnels.
  • These Portable Planetarium Domes can also be customized for a window air-conditioner inlet, if required.
  • They are available in blue or black exterior colour and come in a robust carrying bag. The dark colour prevents the dome from getting dirty easily. The interior projection surface is grey in colour that is conducive to the contrast (dark night sky) of the projector.
  • These Portable Planetarium Domes can be pasted with the adhesive tapes provided with the dome as and when required. The dome surfaces can be painted with spray paint, if required.
  • These portable planetarium domes are wheelchair accessible.
  • A desired logo/ message of the buyer can be printed on the exterior of the dome as well as in the interior spring line.
  • DigidomeTM mobile planetarium domes are available in different standard sizes and can also be customized to suit your particular requirement.

Specification Details

Dome Diameter 5 meter - 16 feet 6 meter - 19 feet 7 meter - 23 feet
Dome Height 10 feet 12 feet 14 feet
Seating Capacity 25 Adult / 45 Young Children 40 Adult / 75 Young Children 60 Adult / 95 Young Children
Weight Up to 20 kg Up to 25 kg Up to 30 kg
Delivery period: Up to 8 weeks
Warranty: 2
Shelf Life: 5 years
Specifications wherever mentioned are subject to change without any notice. Photos / Images of the various items may differ from actual items supplied.
Difference between DigiskyTM for Mobile Planetariums and Crawl or Squeeze in Domes:
DigiskyTM for Mobile Planetariums Crawl or Squeeze in Domes
Light weight; a typical 5 meter dia. dome weighs dia. dome weighs more less than 20 Kg. Heavy weight; a typical 5 meter than 35 Kg. With add on surrounding tubes the weight is even more.
Has less volume. Has less volume.
Lightweight and small volume dome is easy to Light weight and small volume dome is easy to Inflation time is less than 10 minutes for 5 meter dome. Heavy weight and large volume dome is difficult to operate, maintain, pack and carry. Inflation time is more than 20 minutes for a 5 meter dome.
Occupies less floor area. Occupies more floor area.
Has much better ventilation through large multiple horizontal outlets tunnels at ground level that spread out like spider legs and vertical downward tunnels half way up the dome. Has poor ventilation as the tunnels are not well spread. Moreover there are no vertical downward tunnels on upward side of dome.
Has two separable layers namely the outer shell layer and the inner projection layer so that the inner projection layer can be serviced or replaced as and when required. No such provision so maintenance cost is higher.
Since there are two layers, pinhole light leakage is minimum. Since it is has a single layer, pinhole light leakage is common.
Cannot be installed outdoors. Cannot be installed outdoors in spite of the door and tubes. Door and tubes are more of cosmetic additions rather than having any practical utility.
Has lower entry/ exit transit time for audience. Has higher entry/ exit transit time for audience.
Has provision to attach a window air conditioner. No such provision.
Customer's logo can be printed on the dome at no extra cost. No such provision.
The entry/ exit vertical zippers blend with the inner projection dome layers. The doorway and its vents bulge out to the projection area causing visual disturbance.
If someone leaves in between a show or joins late the then the exit/ entry will create disturbance for others. If someone leaves in between a show or joins late then exit/ entry will not create any disturbance for others.
Is wheelchair accessible. Is wheelchair accessible.
Is much cheaper. Is much costlier.