The Planetarium Library comprises of:
  • Video Clips Full Dome/ Perspective Mode/ real time render capture
  • Images/ Diagrams/ Panoramas
  • Music
Video Clips Full Dome:
Video Clips Perspective:
Real Time Render Clips:
Planetarium EducationTM library is designed to help the school (K12) educators to exploit the DigiskyTM full dome planetarium technology to the fullest for the benefit of their students. It primarily comprises of a content library that is accessible to the educator/ user through the input server of the DigiskyTM planetarium projector and also through a forum membership created by us.
The library has content on various topics that cover astronomy, space science, earth science and a lot more. It has ready - made already processed content that is plug and play for DigiskyTM full dome planetarium systems. The planetarium library in the server is accessed through a browser based DigiskyTM user interface/ console that can be a tablet or laptop or PC based depending on the need of the user. The library is applicable to fixed planetariums as well as portable planetariums.
The browser based content management software of the user interface console really empowers the educator to choose the content from the planetarium library on the spot and as per the evolving interactions/ questions of his audience and blend it with real time render planetarium sky simulation software or play it mutually exclusive. The planetarium educator can also choose and play a suitable music to support his content. The library helps the educators to customise planetarium content at his end as per his requirement.