About Us
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as pioneers in Digital Planetarium Technology (fixed and mobile), Planetarium Content and Planetarium EducationTM K-12 in India. Founded in 2007, we are an Indian company with make in India philosophy. We are a team of dedicated Planetarium Educators, Astronomers, Science Communicators, Science Journalists, IT Professionals, Structural and Sound Engineers. We are also part of a Science Popularization Consortium commonly called SPACE.
We design, manufacture, sell and run mobile and fixed full dome digital planetariums.
  • To give pragmatic, cost effective, easy, widespread and regular access to planetariums to school students in particular and general public at large.
We have created Indias largest planetarium outreach network. At present the network runs 30 DigiskyTM full dome digital mobile planetariums across India - 3 in the Middle East countries and 2 in Nepal. Besides, we have built 3 fixed planetariums in India at Jantar Mantar - Ujjain, Regional Science Center - Bellary, ARIES Observatory - Nainital and many more are in the pipeline.
More than 5,000 schools and 1 billion students have participated in various planetarium outreach programmes designed by us. We cover more than 24 states, 300 districts across India. Companies like Orange Education, Genesis, I Square Education, Al Nejoum Al Satha, Izma Media, Students and Information Learning System, etc use our DigiskyTM full dome planetarium systems, DigidomeTM, Shows and Companion Books for their outreach programmes.
DigiskyTM mobile planetarium systems are available for outreach through rental (hire) as well as outright purchase.
Image courtesy by Orange Planetarium
  • Develop planetarium content embedded in Indian ethos for promotion of scientific temper among students' community in particular and general public at large.
  • Fill the conspicuous lacuna of astronomy in the Indian education system and improve the astronomy literacy level of students and teachers.
  • Bring the fascination and beauty of stars to starless light polluted metropolitan cities.
  • Liberate teaching fraternity from the inherent practical impediments of star gazing by providing state of the art digital planetarium sky simulation.
  • Promote history of science, achievements of science and technology and human space endeavour.
  • Give educators pedagogical freedom on Astronomy by training them on Planetarium EducationTM.
  • Motivate students to pursue science as a hobby and eventually as a career.
  • Use planetariums as effective tools to develop a Science & Technology literate society as envisaged in Science & Innovation Policy, Govt. of India.
Mr. Vineet Joshi Fr. CBSE Chairman Inaugrating Orange Planetarium
Mr. U. R. Rao, Chairman ISRO at our outreach programme
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